Tropical Birds Mobile

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Monarch Mobiles Tropical Birds Mobile

Made of stainless steel rod and intricately designed, printed, and die-cut birds on heavy art board. Hangs approximately 20" tall by 30" wide. Includes five types of tropical birds, including a toco toucan, flamingo, scarlet macaw, blue and gold macaw, and great egret. Wings unfold to create dimension. Includes educational fact sheet on tropical birds. Made in the USA.

Tropical Birds Mobile

Product Reviews

Written by J. Pulker on 31st Jan 2022

5 stars

When my daughter was born in 1990 my brother-in-law (who too soon passed away) bought her this mobile to hang above her crib. Over the years, countless sleep-overs — which always seemed to include little girls jumping on the bed — room redecorating, and numerous moves, the lovely mobile took quite a beating. Finally, in 2013, tape and hot glue had met their match. Fast forward to 2021: Our daughter has a child of her own. Imagine her amazement when on Christmas Day she opens a present containing the exact mobile that once hung above her bed! The colorful birds now soar above her son’s bed. A beautiful reminder of childhood and a beloved uncle.

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