Why should I buy from Hanging Mobile Gallery?
You've got style. (We have lots of styles to chose from.)
You want options. (Our selection is huge.)
You like a bargain. (Our prices are fair—and we don't charge sales tax!)
You want to support the little guys. (Yes, we're an online ma and pop.)
You like nice people. (Customer service is important to us.)

How should I hang my mobile?
Just buy a screw eye bolt from our hanging tools section and screw it into your ceiling. Tie your mobile to the screw, and enjoy your new masterpiece!

How can I get my mobile to move more?
Mobile movement is all about airflow. Your mobile will move the most if it's located within the flow of a heat vent, air-conditioning duct, open window, or fan. You don't want too much of a good thing, though: a strong gust can tangle or damage your mobile!

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely. We normally ship via USPS Priority International. Check our shipping page for more details.

I live in the Portland area. Do you have a storefront? Can I pick up my mobile?
We don't have a storefront, but we do have a warehouse near in northwest Portland, near the Pearl District. If you'd like to pick up your mobile (and save on shipping costs!), feel free to contact us at info@hangingmobilegallery.com or 503.922.3294.

Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes. Give us a call at 877.278.3199 or e-mail your P.O. to info@hangingmobilegallery.com

I want a mobile made especially for my home (or office or school or whatever). Can you make me a custom mobile?
Absolutely! We have lots of experience designing and building mobiles of all sizes and styles, so let us know what you have in mind. Our in-house artist specializes in large-scale custom hanging mobiles, so plan on dreaming big!

For more information on custom mobiles, visit our commissions information page.