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Flensted Swallow Mobile

Sleek swallows soar the skies in this classic Flensted mobile. Made of colored cardstock shapes. Hangs 20" tall by 14" wide. Each swallow measures 4" long with a 7" wingspan. Each swallow unfolds to become three dimensional. Made in Denmark.

Flensted Swallow Mobile

Product Reviews

Written by Nancy on 30th Mar 2015


In the packaging, it doesn't look very impressive, but once it's hanging, it's really beautiful. The birds are lightweight and move freely. So lovely!

Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2014

Would be improved with better packaging

I just bought this as a Christmas gift, and although the package arrived quickly (which is nice), the mobile was bent. It had been placed between a folded up cardboard box inside an envelope, but the envelope was bent to fit inside my mailbox which folded some of the mobile so it won't lie flat. Please put "Do not bend" on your envelopes in the future so this won't happen to other customers. HMG Note: Thanks for the helpful feedback! We'll look into ways to prevent this in the future.

Written by Flobev on 1st Jul 2013

perfect simplicity!

I'd seen this and liked it as for me it represents that summer has arrived, every year the swallows arrive in my close. So upon finding out I was expecting another bundle of joy, I wanted a mobile I could hang above my childs cot. This fitted the bill perfectly as for the first 4 weeks of a babies life, they can only see in black, white and red! Perfect colour arrangement. However said child is now nearly 3 and I still have this hanging in my bedroom. The product overall is delicate enough to be beautiful and yet strong enough to handle my two kids armed with a hairdryer making the mobile "fly"!! There are several more of flensted mobiles i'd like to purchase. They are simple but really effective and the price is reasonable. Only bug bear I have is it does gather dust rather, but when I remember to dust it with a soft cloth, it returns to it's original charm. Softly moving and flying!!

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