Sailboats Mobile

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Authentic Models Sailboat Mobile

Colorful sailboats bob along together in this charming mobiles. Made of stainless steel rods and colorful wooden model sailboats. Hangs 36" wide by 12" tall. Sailboats each hang 7" wide by 7" tall. Comes fully assembled.

Authentic Models Sailboats Mobile

Product Reviews

Written by Dave on 19th Dec 2016

Surprisingly nice quality

When this arrived, I feared I had accidentally ordered a baby crib mobile. But it looks just fine hanging in my bedroom hallway. My only issue is that the jibs appear to easily come detached from the hull. Keeping it out of any stiff breezes seems to keep this issue from being noticed by anyone but me.

Written by Jennifer on 29th Jun 2013


This mobile is far more beautiful in person than in the picture. It's described as plastic but the boats are actually wooden models. The sails are fabric and the boat is wood. They are very good quality and quite large. A fabulous addition to any nursery or bedroom! The reason I'm only giving it a 4 was because I had to reinforce where the string is knotted to hold the boats with crazy glue because the knots seemed like they might come undone.

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