Orbiter Motor

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Orbiter Mobile

Hang your mobile from this motorized spinner for continuous movement. The energy-efficient mobile motor gives frequent impulses of energy that allows the mobile to spin without stopping for up to four months. Spins at about 20 rpm.

4" in diameter by 2.5" tall.

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Dancing Helix Orbiter Motor

Product Reviews

Written by Jim on 17th Oct 2021


It does not work with the Lucky Bats Mobile - I think because the bat mobile is so light.

Written by Johnny Eubanks on 17th May 2021

Orbiter motor.

Have purchased several of these for my dancing helix 's that I make. Never any issues and fast shipping. A+ product

Written by Carolyn on 12th Jan 2020


I have bought 2 hanging mobiles and an orbiter. All products are superb quality. The tiny details are mesmerizing. Love my mobiles thank you.

Written by Eddens1@aol.com on 25th Dec 2017

Worst product ever

Absolutely AWFUL...JUNK!!!!! Did nothing it was supposed to do. It actually did not rotate the mobile but rocked back and forth. No spinning. The hanger did not hold and dropped the mobile to the ground damaging an expensive mobile.

Written by undefined on 16th Sep 2016

unsure if it will work as advertised

I really wanted the electric motor, because I can't be climbing up on a tall ladder to turn the battery operated one on and off.... The creator of the dancing helix mobile told me this new battery operated model will operate in the "on" position 24/7 for at least six months..... So I'll wait and see.... If it does, I'll return and give this a FAMTASTIC rating..... But I'm doubtful.

Written by undefined on 16th May 2016


This motor works nicely with my dancing helix mobile. Pretty easy to use. Good service.

Written by Mmollie Holmes on 5th Apr 2016

Disappointed with my order

Very disappointed that the on/off switch is on the top of the device. This means that I will have to get a ladder to take it down from the ceiling every time I want to turn it on and off. As a result, I have not taken it out of the packaging and want to know if you have a device that has the on/off switch on the side, like the one that I used to have. I want to return the one I ordered -- too much trouble !!!

Written by ED on 22nd Dec 2015

Positive and Negative

This is the second Orbiter Motor I've purchased for my mobile. The first broke after about two years. The wires connecting the batteries disconnected and the batteries corroded inside the unit. I was able to clean the batteries off and insert new batteries several times but the last time the unit was totally broken and could not be fixed. I did not know how to reconnect the wires since it seemed to require soldering. Batteries do not last three months in the unit, 3-4 weeks was my experience no matter what type or how expensive of a battery I used. It is quiet, looks good, and twirls nicely. It's just the battery box that may need some tweaking to extend the life of the unit.

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