Flowing Rhythm Red Mobile

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Flensted Flowing Rhythm Red Mobile

Each shape is red on one side and black on the other side. Made of colored fiberboard shapes and plastic ball. Hangs 12" tall by 18" wide. No assembly required.

Flensted Flowing Rhythm Red Mobile

Product Reviews

Written by Susan on 5th Jun 2023


I love the simple design and sitting and watching it's gentle movements, it helps to slow you down a little.

Written by phingham on 31st Jan 2018


Lost mine in a fire, and I am so glad to have it back. Love the colors, the graceful shapes, the balance, and its movement.

Written by Annelieke on 2nd Nov 2016

A classic that delights people of all ages

I love mobiles, and was so happy to be able to get this one. It's hanging in my kitchen, and my granddaughter, who is 11 months, adores it as well as the other four I have in my house. It's graphic, it moves, it has energy, what's not to like? She is learning to blow on it, and she may touch it but not grab. Honestly it just delights her every time she notices it. Me too. It livens the space and makes everyone happy.

Written by Larry Young on 10th Jul 2013

Flowing Rhythm Red

I've had this red mobile for twelve years now. I never tire of relaxing my eyes on it. Everyone who comes in to visit comments on it, or I find them watching it with their eyes while talking to me. A picture doesn't do it justice. You have to just experience it. I will never tire of this piece of art.

Written by Mylam O. James on 29th Jun 2013

A real mobile person

Feels, perceives, senses balance and harmony in this creation. Like a clock at 12 perfect in place on point, you believe you heard a distant note not struck, yet so beautiful! You watch, you wait, you see, its rhythm draws in deeper, rewarding your patience, it calms and soothes. Suddenly; surprise! The reds seem not to be exact. You know they're matched; but they seem no so. Even its black can appear gray Therefore, might its elements glimpse infinity? On that you may rely.

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