Outdoor Mobiles

18th Apr 2019

Can I Hang My Mobile Outdoors?

We get that question a lot. And now that spring is here, and our customers are asking about more and more about outdoor mobiles! We're big fans of merging art and nature, so we LOVE the idea.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting an outdoor mobile:

* Metal mobiles will withstand the elements better than paper, plastic, or wood mobiles.

* Mobiles will last longer outdoors in drier climates. If you live in a humid climate, considering up your mobile outdoors only during the drier seasons.

* Opt for simpler mobiles to hang outdoors. (Wind can wreak havoc on more complicated pieces!)

* Really, you can hang whatever mobile you want outside...you just can't expect it to last forever! (On other words, do NOT hang a paper mobile outdoors unless you're just considering it a temporary enjoyment.)

Here are our recommended outdoor mobiles. Now grab a mobile and get outside!

Monacle Mobile

Expanded Conch Mobile

Neptune Mobile

Expanded Leaf Mobile