How to Choose a Baby Mobile

11th May 2016

We recently came across this very comprehensive article recently on how to choose the best baby mobile: How to Choose the Best Baby Mobile

The article has some great points to consider—ceiling mounted or crib mounted? Wind operated or mechanical operated? And so forth.

At Hanging Mobile Gallery, we fancy ourselves mobile experts, so here's OUR two cents to consider when choosing the best baby mobile for your little one:

  • Aesthetic. With all due respect to the traditional baby mobile, they can often be an eye sore. We like mobiles that baby AND parents alike will enjoy. You’ll get double the value and double the joy.
  • Life span. We’re a HUGE fan of mobiles that will delight baby not just as a baby, but well into adulthood, too.
  • Ceiling mount. It may seem like a pain to mount baby’s mobile into the ceiling, but trust us: you want it well out of baby’s reach. Your newborn will grow quicker than you realize (We’re speaking from experience here!), and hanging it well out of reach will keep baby safe and save you the hassle of having to move it later on. If you're concerned, just buy a "screw eye bolt" with your order, and you'll be all set once your order arrives!

Here are our recommended baby mobiles. Although none of them are your traditional baby mobile, per se, they’re sure to delight your little one (and you!) for years to come.

Balloon Five Mobile

These charming balloons are brightly colored, beautiful, fun to view from all angles, and they move easily with the slightest air current. This hot-air balloon baby mobile will captivate and entertain baby.

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Flensted Balloon Five Mobile

Circle Series Mobile

This Calder-inspired mobile is beautiful AND durable. Made of powder-coated laser-cut aluminum, it is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. And its bright colors make it a perfect modern baby mobile.

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Flowing Rhythm Red Mobile

Babies are born only seeing black, red, and white. This black and red baby mobile fits the bill. Each shape is red on one side and black on the other side. And it moves freely, providing plenty of visual interest. Since the shapes on this mobile are flat, be sure to hang it toward the foot of baby's crib (instead of directly above its head), so baby can see the shapes.

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Flight 1920 Mobile

If your baby's nursery has an airplane theme, this airplane mobile is a great bet! It's brightly colored, moves freely, and looks great from all angles. Plus, it beautiful enough to be treasured for years to come.

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Flight 1920 Airplane Mobile

Swallow Five Mobile

Bring life to baby's nursery with these stunning black, white, and red swallows. This is a great choice, if you're looking for a bird mobile that's beautiful, interesting from all angles, and moves freely.

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Flensted Swallow Five Mobile

We know our huge selection of baby mobiles can be overwhelming (in the best way possible!), so be sure to contact us if you need help narrowing down your decision. Good luck, best wishes, and congratulations!