Best Calder-inspired Mobiles

15th Mar 2017

We frequently get customers asking if we have Calder reproductions for sale. 

The short answer: NO!

The long answer: reproductions of Calder’s mobiles are illegal. If reproductions happen to exist, we would encourage people not to cheapen Calder’s work by buying them.

The GOOD news is that we have several artists inspired by the works of Calder—each with their own personality folded into their artwork. So you can find many Calder-inspired mobiles created by living, breathing artists at reasonable costs.

When choosing a Calder-inspired mobile, look for mobiles created of painted metal, which is the primary medium used in Calder’s iconic hanging mobiles. If you’re having trouble selecting a color, go with red—it’s widely considered Calder’s favorite color.

Bear in mind, Calder’s work varied and evolved greatly through his life, from delicate, whimsical wire sculptures to bold, massive structures. But the mobiles we’ve selected below are great picks if you want the cheerful, playful nature of a Calder mobile.

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