Petit Collage Garlands

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Petit Collage Garlands

This customizable garland kit features the artwork of Lorena Siminovich. Spell out your own creating for unique decor for parties or playrooms. Includes 72 alphabet tiles, 8 animal tiles, and 5 yards of ribbon. Length is customizable. Each circular tile measures 5" in diameter. Assembly required.

Petit Collage Garlands

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Written by Jennifer on 30th Jan 2017

Versatile and Fun

I have had one of these garlands for at least 10 years. It has been used probably 50 times for very many different occasions. It has held up very well and I've never had the trouble of running out of a letter I needed! I have just purchased one for our daughter/son-in-law and one for our son/daughter-in-law who are both about to have their own children. I purchased a backup for us because I have never seen another set like this!

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