Modern Mobile Kit 3

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Modern Mobile Kit 3

So you want to be a mobile maker? Well here's a great place to start. With this DIY modern mobile kit, you can create your own mid-century mobile, customizable with various-sized wire arms and shapes. It's great for learning about balance and equilibrium. Build and rebuild as much as you want! Made of stainless-steel rods and plastic shapes. Includes 1 hanger hook, 1 hanging string with hook, 1 foam block, 1 straight end rod, 8 rods (ranging from 7"-15" long), 9 various shapes, plus balancing sliders. Made in the USA. Ships within 1-2 days via USPS Priority from Portland, Oregon.

Modern Mobile Kit 3

Product Reviews

Written by Scott on 30th Jul 2020

Easy and looks great

I didn't find this mobile difficult to assemble. Getting the balance and spacing right is part of the fun. Maybe the plastic connectors could be a little smaller, but they are not too distracting. It's an elegant piece of sculpture.

Written by Traci on 16th Jan 2020


I ordered two Modern Mobile Kit 3 - CIRCLES, not atomic shapes, but received two Modern Mobile Kit 2 - ONE with all circles, ONE atomic shapes. Since I had ordered one as a gift, I gave it to the recipient anyway. Modern Mobile Kit 3 is supposed to have 12 pieces (3 Red, 3 Yellow, 3 Blue, 3 White) according to the photo. I received the kits with only 9 pieces (3 Red, 3 Yellow, 3 Blue). I like these mobiles - I already own 3 of them in the atomic style. However, I will order Flensted in the future (of which I also own several), because I know what I will get.

Written by Jesse S. Hernandez on 23rd Mar 2019

Kit lacking

This product is pictured and described as having four colors of circles. The package arrived with only three colors for the hanging HMG note: A replacement kit was sent.

Written by Jesse Hernandez on 15th Mar 2019

Kit lacking

This kit is pictured with four colored circles. Only three were provided. HMG note: A replacement kit was sent.

Written by undefined on 2nd May 2016

Not as easy as it seems!

I've been wanting a mobile since I saw one at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC many years ago. Let's just say that the mobile is laying in pieces on the floor and it's been there for about a week now.I'm mechanically inclined and yet I found this not-so-easy to put together.The instructions weren't really very detailed or helpful and the video on youtube really made me feel 'stupid' in a way. The choice of using 3 kids to demonstrate how to put this together was pretty bad for my brain to see! I will try once again to put this together the right way using a photo of it from the website. Maybe I had high expectations about putting this thing together...

Written by Carlos Plaza on 13th Mar 2016

Truly GREAT product!

I am a professional Graphic Designer and have been putting "stuff" together for the past 30 years. I found your mobile "not so easy" to assemble, and it requires some skills and patience, but overall I LOVE IT! I recommend sitting with all the pieces on a table for as long as it takes studying the parts and how they work, before starting to assemble the mobile. Build it in your head, before you even punch the first hole, and you will be fine. Mine is hanging in my living room and it looks like a million bucks! : )

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