Color Dance Mobile, Small

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Color Dance Mobile, Small

Color Dance Mobile does just that: it dances and sways, casting colorful shadows when exposed to natural and artificial ight. Made of precision laser-cut 1/4" Dichrolaminate polycarbonate, stainless-steel rod, and sealed ball-bearing swivels. Hangs 16" tall by 39" wide. Made in the United States.

Color Dance Mobile

Product Reviews

Written by joan on 9th Sep 2022

color dance mobile small

I loved it from opening the box and more so when it was hanging from the ceiling and moving. It's random shapes and colors just make me smile. The quality is excellent and the artist even provided some fishing line with which to hang it. I will enjoy this mobile for a long time.

Written by Michael Kleindl on 31st Jul 2021

Color Dance Mobile, Small

This is a stunningly beautiful piece of art. When the light passes through the piece, the balanced shapes are transparent, but then the angle shifts and hues of red, blue, yellow, purple, and green flash and dance. The quality is excellent and will last my lifetime, then I will pass it one to my children. Thank you so much for this wonderful mobile.

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